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Philanthropy advisory

The purpose of our advisory is to support interested and active philanthropists in developing a personal philanthropy profile. Building upon this profile, we then create effective strategies for the implementation of their engagement. We build upon the experience, networks, contacts and proven processes established in the past years by implementing the philanthropic engagement of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein and LGT Group.
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Target groups

Our advisory services are targeted at a diverse array of target groups. Private individuals, family offices, foundations and companies alike feel the need to structure their social engagement in a meaningful, strategic and effective way.
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Focus of advisory

Our advisory services are organized into three modules: Understanding philanthropy, Developing your personal philanthropy profile, and Defining your implementation strategy. The focus and content are tailored to your needs.
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Philanthropy profile

Your personal philanthropy profile is the core element of our advisory services. It is the foundation and the guiding star for your philanthropic engagement. By developing your own profile with us, step-by-step, we develop an understanding for your concerns and can determine an appropriate implementation strategy.
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Families for Impact

Would you like to share with your family a mutual experience, go on a philanthropic journey and create positive impact together? LGT Venture Philanthropy provides you with all you need to achieve your destination.
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