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Your personal philanthropy profile

“I learned that the path to successful philanthropy begins not only with a good heart and a check book, but also with a thought process on my motivation and vision.” - a LGT Venture Philanthropy Advisory client

  • Why do I want to become active in philanthropy?
  • What do I want to achieve with my engagement?
  • Which resources do I want to use for my engagement?
  • How do I want to realize my plans?

At the heart of our philanthropy advisory is your personal philanthropy profile. It should be the foundation and the guiding star for your philanthropic engagement.

We look forward to working on those questions with you. Contact us for a first initial conversation.

Step by step to your own philanthropy profile

Philanthropic engagement is something very personal. It often builds on values and motivations that are a part of your family history or that were imprinted through a specific past experience. Such values might also be motivated by religious belief or very specific interests. The primary concern in advisory is to help you to ask yourself the right questions so that you become conscious of your values and motivations.  It is also important to understand what you personally can and would like to bring to the table in your philanthropic engagement – beyond financial capital.

By developing your own profile with us, step-by-step, we develop an understanding for your concerns and can determine an implementation plan suitable for you. In this process it will also become clear to you whether we are the right partner for the implementation of your engagement.

This thorough groundwork is not only important for ensuring that your philanthropic engagement is targeted and effective. It will also give you more joy and satisfaction in your philanthropic work!

Your personal philanthropy profile has the following building blocks: