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Experience philanthropy at the "House of Philanthropy Solutions"

The word "philanthropy" originates from Greek and means "holding mankind dear" or "cherishing humanity" – strong words for a strong, heartfelt concern.  But what does philanthropic engagement look like these days?  How is philanthropy put into practice?

In the "House of Philanthropy Solutions" – abbreviated as HOPS – philanthropy becomes concrete and tangible. You can see, hear, and touch innovative solutions that organizations from the LGT Venture Philanthropy portfolio have developed - local solutions that give answers to global challenges in the social and environmental realm.

Discover the "House of Philanthropy Solutions"

In this unique exhibition, you interactively discover "Solution Globes" on seven different topics: education, water, health, nutrition, renewable energies, resource management, and the establishment of markets for social investments.


Each Solution Globe is composed of three components: the outer shell shows the environmental or social challenge for which the solution was developed. Once you open the globe, you see the concrete solution on the inside, and realize the positive impact it has on the affected population. In the background of the Solution Globes, there is a wall which illustrates the solution’s thematic context.

Inspiration for your own engagement

We would like to share the fascination of philanthropic solutions with you. Contact us if you would like to visit HOPS, set up mobile Solution Globes at home, or learn more about the possibilities of your own philanthropic commitment.

The first HOPS was opened in Zürich in May 2011. Together with our partners, we want to establish additional HOPS sites and inspire enthusiasm in others for philanthropy.



HOPS Gallery