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Smiling World - Visions for a positive, sustainable world in 2025

Our mission is to improve the sustainable quality of life of less advantaged people. They give us the greatest reward with the simplest human gesture for happiness and wellbeing: a smile. In this sense, a Smiling World becomes the frame of pursuing our mission - our ultimate goal.

What does your Smiling World look like in 2025? What is your vision of a world you want to be part of in 10 - 15 years? We believe that it takes a vision for the future to give people a perspective today. Visions lead mutual efforts to more concrete actions towards realizing our dreams. Let's start voicing our visions and contribute today for our Smiling World of tomorrow. 

Smiling World idea

Small actions taken by many people who share the same vision can effect big and positive changes. Leaders' visions of a sustainable world of tomorrow can have a transformative power and inspire people to contribute towards our Smiling World of tomorrow.
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Smiling World visions

Here you can read about the Smiling World visions of today's leaders and decision makers. More visions will be uploaded on a regular basis. Enjoy the read and let yourself be inspired.
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Get involved

Would you like to share your solution with a wider public? Become a part of the Smiling World initiative and let us start contributing today in whatever small way to a dream we believe in.
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