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Connection with LGT

“Everybody should be able to live in dignified circumstances and have a fair chance for development. The wealthier part of mankind has an economic, political and moral responsibility to support the less advantaged. Particularly in developing countries the extent of poverty is distressing and the need for help is immense. As governmental transfer systems are limited, it also remains a challenge for the private sector to implement support in developing countries successfully. It is my conviction that LGT Venture Philanthropy can help less advantaged people in a sustainable manner and I hope that you will be inspired by our philanthropic service offering.”

H.S.H. Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein, CEO LGT

LGT Venture Philanthropy was founded in 2007 by the initiative of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein. H.S.H. Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein, CEO of LGT since 2006, wanted to continue the long family tradition of active philanthropic engagement also within LGT.

“We want to be as efficient and transparent as possible in our philanthropic efforts. With this objective in mind we have applied many proven principles and processes from the venture capital and consulting industry to our philanthropy approach. We aspire to combine flexibility and creativity with great discipline and ambition as we support young entrepreneurial organizations that address the needs of the poor.”

For the funds of the Princely Family the focus lies on developing countries and the venture philanthropy approach. The portfolio shows a number of possibilities: from donations in the health sector in Africa, to an equity investment in waste management in Peru to a bridge loan for tuberculosis treatment in India. In the case of the LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation, any generated profit is channeled back into the foundation and will be used for additional donation/investments. 

Synergies between LGT Venture Philanthropy and LGT

We work closely with LGT in a number of ways:

  • The relationship managers of LGT Bank can offer their clients the support of LGT Venture Philanthropy in all matters related to philanthropy. For the advisory and implementation services, our entire team is at our clients' disposal.
  • Employees of LGT Group can contribute to the engagement of the Princely Family through an Employee Donation Program.
  • LGT Capital Partners has developed a set of three Sustainable Investment funds in cooperation with LGT Venture Philanthropy. A significant part of our capital stock is invested there.
  • We select organizations that are part of the LGT Employee Volunteering Program.
  • We can make use of LGT internal specialists in the areas of finance, marketing, legal services as well as HR.
  • In the initial phase, LGT Venture Philanthropy is largely funded through substantial contributions from the following LGT Group companies: LGT Bank Ltd., LGT Bank (Switzerland) Ltd., LGT Bank (Austria) Ltd., LGT Bank (Singapore) Ltd., and LGT Capital Partners Ltd.