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Common principles as the foundation of our work

Our work as a team, with our clients and with the organizations we support is based on the following principles:

Sustainable quality of life

We strive to improve the sustainable quality of life of the less advantaged by cooperating with and supporting our local portfolio organizations. We also hope to increase the sustainable quality of life of LGT employees, our clients and partners as well as our own through the immaterial reward of creating positive impact together.

Impact orientation

We have ambitious goals. We strive to prioritize our activities and to make optimal use of our time, energy and resources. We focus on organizations with a scalable or replicable model that will have the greatest positive impact on the communities they serve and have the potential to empower individuals and nurture talent at a local level.


We remain true to our own values. We pledge to adopt an ethical and transparent approach in all that we do.


We are responsible for identifying, selecting and supporting organizations that reflect our overall philosophy and values. We pledge to use the funds entrusted to us in an effective, efficient and responsible manner. We strive to act as good citizens and to safeguard our environment and resources.

Long-term approach

We aim to hire compassionate individuals with outstanding talent, good entrepreneurial skills and an exceptional level of commitment and drive. We strive to offer our people compelling opportunities for professional and personal development. We are innovative and creative, but above all we look for effective long-term solutions and their efficient implementation for the less advantaged.


We believe that true teamwork is the key to the quality of our work. We listen, value and respect the views of others. We embrace cultural diversity and strive to foster an honest, open and constructive dialog with all our stakeholders. Above all, we work and succeed as partners.


We act in a fair manner and demonstrate our respect for others – whether they are clients, partners, colleagues or, in particular, the less advantaged individuals we seek to serve with our work. We respect the cultural and social values and traditions of the people we work with.