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Our portfolio

LGT Venture Philanthropy supports organizations in their growth and expansion phase which implement an effective solution to a social or environmental problem. All organizations have to have a proven model, an established track record, and are looking to scale their impact.

We support organizations in the following regions: Latin America, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Europe and China. Our core areas are: Education, health & sanitation, agriculture & forestry, renewable energy, and ITC. Click here to get to the overview of our portfolio.

Per organization, LGT Venture Philanthropy invests or donates between USD 200’000 and USD 10 million. The time of engagement ranges from three to seven years. Our investment managers advise the organizations throughout the engagement, and through the ICats Program additional expertise and management know-how are provided. This increases the organizational capabilities and the efficiency of the implementation.

If you would like to read more about our investment philosophy or our investment process, click here.

With our investments and grants we apply the venture philanthropy approach. The eight major features of venture philanthropy are:

1. Focus on few organizations
2. Finance growth: Supporting young organizations with a high growth rate
3. Extensive due diligence at the local level
4. Tailored forms of financing
5. Support by means of financial, intellectual and social capital
6. Long-term commitment
7. Ongoing monitoring and performance measurement
8. Optimization of social and environmental returns

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