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Implementation of your engagement

We offer professional advice and tailored philanthropy implementation services to clients who wish to use part of their wealth to benefit others.  Together with our clients, we identify and select suitable organizations, carefully execute the donation or investment and then monitor the engagement closely.  We apply proven investment processes and management experience and use effective evaluation and reporting techniques to ensure that the entrusted funds are allocated effectively and ultimately translate into significant positive impact. You have access to our worldwide network of partners, time-tested methods and systems, as well as our global team’s many years of professional experience.

Investment philosophy

Efficient allocation of capital is the core of our investment philosophy. Every commitment of capital is preceded by a thorough due diligence and careful evaluation. We support the organization through tailored financing and continuous monitoring. It is our standard practice to regularly monitor the achieved outcomes and impact.
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Investment process

Our detailed and standardized investment process ensures thorough knowledge of our organizations as well as their management and ensures professional execution of investments. Regular interaction with the organizations allows us to closely monitor whether they are achieving their long-term objectives.
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Accelerator Program

In regions where the market for social investments is not yet mature, we take a proactive role in developing the sector. The Accelerator Program provides customized business consulting and financial support to outstanding, early-stage social enterprises with a high potential for scale and positive impact.
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Angel Investor Network

Do you want to invest in social entreprises, but don't know how or where to start? With the Angel Investor Network LGT Venture Philanthropy provides you with everything you need to immediately start your engagement and successfully implement your desired investments.
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