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Your philanthropic engagement through donations and investments

LGT Venture Philanthropy offers a wide array of possibilities for you to choose and design your way of involvement. At the same time, you can employ the global team and infrastructure of LGT Venture Philanthropy, to assist you to implement your individual approach with maximum efficiency. Your individual profile will define the most appropriate options available to you.

  Tax deductible Individuality Regular
Financial Return Liquidity Minimum Amount Management Fee
LGT VP Portfolio n/a USD 100 ***2 %
Managed Account n/a USD 1m **
Your own Foundation n/a USD 20 m **
  more information upon request
Managed Account Low - investment fixed for several years USD 100'000 **
Your own Fund Low - investment fixed for several years USD 20 m **

*   possible                                                                                                                                          n/a = not applicable
upon request

*** fee one-time on donated capital

If you are considering engaging in philanthropy through donations, consider the following possibilities that are tax-deductible in some countries:

If you would like to get involved in philanthropy by making an investment, the following possibilities are available:


Why can it make sense to consider investing instead of donating?

Donations have had an extremely positive effect in many areas of philanthropy and they continue to play an important role. However, donations are too often implemented in areas that could also be supported through loans or equity investments. This can lead to unnecessary dependencies on the side of the receiving entity, to an inefficient allocation of financial capital, to a deterioration of the quality of goods and services and, last but not least, to distorting local markets.

Investments that are designed and implemented in the most appropriate way build financial discipline, foster the optimal use of limited resources, develop local markets and thereby create long-term sustainable impact.