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Meet our ICats

Since inception in 2009, over 100 individuals with excellent education and professional background joined the program and have been working 11-14 months, full time, in-the-field to use their skills to create impact.

Meet the participants and read about their impact

Meet our cohorts from 2009 - 2015 and read their Impact Reports.


ICats Impressions

"Best of 2015" - Picture Gallery
"Best of 2014"
Picture Gallery
"Best of 2013"
- Picture Gallery

"ICats Kick-Off Workshop 2015 (2nd Intake)" - Picture Gallery
"ICats Kick-Off Workshop 2015 (1st Intake)" - Picture Gallery
"Orientation Workshop 2014"
- Picture Gallery

ICats Experience Videos

Vivian Lee and Deanna Zhang, ICats Fellows 2011 talk about their experiences.

Watch an ICats Fellow's way to work:

More ICats experiences

Read more about the experience of ICats on our ICats Blog as well as in their testimonials.

A career development opportunity

After their engagements, many pursue a career where they continuously shape a sustainable economy that serves the well being of society (see ICats Facts & Figures)