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Responsible Leadership

The ICats Program offers exceptional opportunities for businesses to foster a more responsible leadership culture. At the same time, businesses gain insights into new markets and their innovative business models, identify new business opportunities and verify their potentials.

Interested? Please contact us to establish with our team, how the ICats Program can create a positive impact for your business. Continue reading to find out more about our approach.

Our approach

The leading global companies of the future will be those that provide goods and services and reach new customers in ways that address the world’s major challenges – including poverty, climate change, resource depletion, globalization, and demographic shifts. * Those companies will establish a responsible leadership culture and develop sustainable business models that will benefit from the societal change.

The World Business Council of Sustainable Development „Model For Tomorrow’s Global Business” consists of the following 4 main steps:

  • Understand needs
  • Turn understanding into opportunity
  • Integrate opportunity into business strategy and
  • Measure short term success and future potential


The ICats Program prepares corporate executives for future challenges, as they …
  • Absorb the life in a developing/emerging country, thus developing an (1) understanding of local community needs, local socio-economic differences and how global issues such as poverty affect individual companies
  • Experience how social entrepreneurs use their experiences to address social and environmental challenges, thus learning how to (2) turn understanding into opportunity
  • Study and enhance business strategies/models that work with base of the pyramid customers, thus internalizing how (3) core business strategy is aligned with opportunities
  • Understand how the impact of a social organization is defined by effectively addressing social/environmental challenges as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring their long-lasting impact, thus learning to be (4) measured up by short term success and future potential.

In addition, ICats strengthen leadership values that are crucial for a responsible corporate leadership culture but not easily experienced. These include serving others, responsibility, equality, diversity, cultural sensitivity, empathy and persistence.

*) World Business Council for Sustainable Development (