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About the ICats Fellowship Program

The ICats Fellowship Program was founded by LGT Venture Philanthropy in 2007 to provide additional professional know-how to its portfolio organizations, alongside financial and social capital as well as to trusted partner organizations. 

Why is it needed?

Social organizations with innovative solutions need more experts to scale their impact. However, scarce financial resources and missing networks often prevent them from attracting sufficient talents. At the same time, many professionals are looking for opportunities where they can make a difference, but often struggle to find meaningful engagements that require their professional skills.

Our solution

The ICats Fellowship Program provides opportunities where experienced professionals can create significant positive impact by applying their skills whilst increasing their personal and technical skills in an exceptional way.

How does it work?

The ICats Fellowship Program matches experienced professionals with temporary positions at social organizations. ICats work with the management teams to build organizational capacity, systems, processes and train local staff. Thus, they support the critical expansion and contribute significantly to scaling-up the organizations’ impact. All participating organizations are part of the LGT Venture Philanthropy portfolio. Hence, ICats are a vital part of LGT Venture Philanthropy's support to its portfolio.

ICats take on clear roles and responsibilities, commit to clear goals and report monthly on the progress. Typical roles are business developers, financial analysts, business consultants, strategy consultants, sales and marketing specialists, operations and process managers, PR and communication strategists, IT architects. Meet the previous cohorts to find out more about their work.

To ensure the optimal outcome of ICats engagements, the LGT Venture Philanthropy team supports ICats with their know-how, insights and experiences throughout their in-the-field stay. In addition, the team supports nominated candidates during preparation of their engagements.

Ultimately, ICats provide a professional capacity building service that supports organizations to increase their positive impact.

Key facts

    • Host organizations: for-profit/non-profit organizations with significant social or environmental impact and ambitious targets to grow
    • Locations: Africa, India, Southeast Asia, China, Latin America and United Kingdom
    • Types of engagements (depending on availability):
      • Fellowships: 11 months engagements, on-site, full-time
      • Internships: 3 months engagements, on-site, full-time
    • Remuneration: Fellowships/Internships offer a stipend to cover local living costs as well as travel, insurance  and visa expenses

Do you want to use your professionals skills to create positive impact? Find out how to apply.


The ICats Program contributes significantly to the LGT Venture Philanthropy mission. Through strengthening the organizational capacity of social organizations, the ICats Program ultimately contributes to increasing the quality of life of less advantaged people.

Business professionals working as ICats gain an unique experience abroad. They further develop their business and leadership capacity whilst creating tangible positive impact with their professional skills. Read more.

Social organizations benefit from increased professionalism by applying corporate expertise. The newly developed organizational capabilities help them to increase the positive impact by making solutions more effective and scalable. Read more.

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