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    We are now accepting applications for the Summer Intake 2016 of the ICats Program. Register here and apply now for the Impact Fellowship!

    Join our webinar on February 25th, 2-3pm CET to learn more about the ICats Program (register to the ICats Member Portal and you will be invited)

    Application deadline is February 29th, 2016.

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ICats Program

Register here and apply now for the Impact Fellowship! We are now accepting applications for the Summer Intake 2016 of the ICats Fellowship Program starting mid-July!  Application deadline is February 29th!

"Geeta has had great private sector experience, something that is much needed in the development sector. She brought in great analytical skills, amazing people skills and opened some really difficult corporate doors for us. Had it not been for her grad school plans, we would have expanded her role at Educate Girls. "
Maharshi Vaishnav – Senior Manager, Educate Girls (India)

“The specific setting and working in a resource-limited organization made the Fellowship all the more challenging and maximized my opportunity for growth. This year opened my eyes to the reality of social enterprises and made me even more appreciative of the impact that is achieved every day on the ground.”
Martina Castro, ICats Fellow 2014 with Meds & Foods for Kids (Haiti)

About the ICats Program

Social organizations with innovative solutions need more experts to grow. The ICats Program connects organizations with professionals who want to use their skills in a meaningful way.
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Become an ICat

There are various ways of joining the ICats Program, depending on your availability and depth of the engagement. Experienced professionals need to register to become a member of the ICats platform and apply online for ICats positions. 
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Meet our ICats

Since inception, 100 individuals with excellent education and professional background joined the ICats Program to create positive impact. Meet our participants, understand how they contributed and read their stories and testimonials.

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ICats Partnerships

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