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The LGT Impact Fellowship connects professionals with our portfolio companies to create win-win partnerships

In order to grow their business, purpose-driven companies with innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges need the right set of business skills and management know-how. However, scarce financial resources and limited recruitment reach often prevent them from having access to sufficient talent.

Celebrating 10th anniversary of LGT Impact Fellowship

150 fellows have completed their fellowships over the past ten years and we are proud of the diversity enriching the LGT Impact Fellowship program. Our fellows bring along a wide variety of professional and educational backgrounds, seniority levels, come from across the globe and are spread around the world for their fellowship assignments.

Celebrating 10th anniversary of LGT Impact Fellowship

Best way to get insights into a day of an LGT Impact Fellow? Have a look at our LGT Impact Fellowship Blog! There is a wealth of experience to discover as fellows have shared their experience on the blog over the last 10 years.

Linda, from our 2019 cohort, has just shared her experience about driving multinational corporations to take greater responsibility for the environmental impacts of their suppliers in China. Also other fellows have demonstrated their passion for the environment: Gabriela described her work with a portfolio organization in 2015 in Columbia tackling deforestation, and in 2012 other fellows have worked with an organization building more resilient communities in flood prone areas as a consequence of climate change.

LGT Impact Fellowship Blog

"Instead of saving a corporation cents on the dollar, I am trying to increase the number of women who are able to access life-saving care. Spreadsheet models become infinitely more interesting when applied in that context!"

Cynthia Schweer, LGT Impact Fellow 2009