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Aspen Management Partnership in Health (AMP Health)

AMP improves national health systems and outcomes by collaborating with governments to strengthen Leadership and Management capabilities.


Investee Aspen Management Partnership in Health, founded 2015
Location Pan-African operations, HQ in Washington, DC
Sector Healthcare
Funding start June 2020
Funding type Grant




Despite having the world’s most significant disease burden, Africa has the lowest ratio of health workers per population. Africa will have a shortage of 6 million health workers by 2030, and an additional USD 2 billion is needed annually to build and strengthen community health systems in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Among other reasons, governments struggle to address these issues, due to:

  • Lack of government capacity
  • Insufficient capacity building programs
  • Sophisticated health strategies straining already fragile health systems


AMP develops bespoke Leadership & Management (L&M) capabilities of health ministry teams through an in-country approach, leveraging embedded private sector professionals. AMP aims to increase access to equitable and high-quality primary healthcare, reducing mortality and morbidity for remote communities in SSA. To achieve this, AMP is doing the following:

  • Investing in L&M capabilities of people responsible for public health
  • Increasing the adoption, uptake, and use of best-practice processes and tools
  • Accelerating the adoption of new technologies, and the use of data to drive decision making
  • Facilitating the capture and sharing of best practices

AMP provides its L&M training through various ways: 2-year placements of skilled management partners in health ministries, In-country workshops, distance learning programs, executive coaching, and leadership labs.

Impact depth

AMP identified 26 African countries that could benefit from their L&M training programs to achieve their public health goals. AMP contributes to:

  • Improved individual L&M capacity in healthcare ministries, leading to durable institutional culture
  • Better team effectiveness to deliver on strategic priorities in improving national public health systems
  • Improved systems and processes in the respective country ministries
Indicator - Performance KPIs 2020 2021
# of Management Partners active 4 7
# of teams supported through AMP Health partners 8 14
# of countries with current AMP partnerships 5 9
# of individuals trained through AMP Health partnerships
96 136



By investing in AMP Health, we align with and contribute to Goal 3 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, target 3.8: Access to quality essential health-care services.