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Aangan Trust

Aangan Trust increases safety and resilience of vulnerable children.


Investee Aangan Trust, founded 2001
Location India
Sector Education
Funding start 2009
Funding type Grant




Approximately 60 million children in India are victims of child labor, human trafficking, physical abuse or homelessness. Lack of awareness, attention and capacity of local authorities results in insufficient response to the problems. Mistrust of the community in local authorities hinders transparency and poses challenges to stopping abuse and violence against children.


Aangan Trust runs prevention, post-harm and advocacy programs that work with vulnerable children, adults and state authorities towards the creation of a protective environment for children in India where all rights are secured:

  • Ensuring support to families (e.g. mentoring on the topic of abuse) that are affected by the lack of security or well-being of their children
  • Advocating for changes in laws, social practices and norms
  • Building capabilities and resilience of the individual child
  • Enabling children and communities to access protective and essential services
  • Training and catalyzing existing protective services (children’s institutions, police, statutory bodies, protection officers, district officials, community and local authorities) to be proactive about children’s well-being and safety

Impact depth

20 million vulnerable children in India can have a better chance for a safer childhood through Angaans prevention, mentorship and advocacy programs that work closely with children, parents and public and private stakeholders. Aangan contributes to:

  • Resilience of children: Aangan’s intervention makes them more aware of dangers, their rights, trustworthy points of support and helps them protect themselves from harm, abuse and exploitation.
  • Responsible authorities: Better public protection systems and access to essential services such as food, shelter, sanitation or healthcare (e.g. psychological support for traumatized children).
  • Sensitized communities: Higher degree of belonging and security in children’s neighborhood through Aangan’s community work which makes people more sensitive towards the rights of children and ways to protect them.
  • Planning for a save future: Children receive support to plan a safer future with better access to educational/vocational training and opportunities for development for a nonhazardous, sustainable livelihood.
Impact Reach* 2014/15 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21
# of children reached 53'219 57'176 157'379 227‘608 266'419 352'453 228'198
govt. officials activated to better protect children 272 272 255 291 2'272 4'633 395
# of states Aangan works 6 6 6 6 6 6 9

* Fiscal year April to March


By investing in Aangan Trust, we align with and contribute to five of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.