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aeioTu provides early childhood development to less advantaged children (aged 0 -5) through a branded chain of pre-school care centers.


Investee aeioTu, founded 2008
Location Colombia
Sector Education
Funding period  




3 million children from low income households in Colombia do not have access to quality nutrition and attention during early childhood. Children without proper nutrition and attention during early childhood will lack the cognitive, social, and emotional bases to succeed in primary and secondary education. These children will achieve lower levels of school completion, will be less likely to hold jobs, and will have a higher incidence in crime as they become adults.


aeioTu provides less advantaged children access to high quality care through standardized early childhood development (ECD) centers. aeioTu provides toddlers with adequate nutrition as well as specialized pedagogical support in a stimulating environment. ECD centers operating in well-off neighborhoods generate profits to support centers serving less advantaged children.

Impact depth

The Reggio Emilia early childhood teaching philosophy used by aeioTu is globally proven to enhance self-confidence, skill development and social interaction in children, improving their chances to succeed in primary and secondary education as well as adult life.