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CO2 Bambu

CO2 Bambu manufactures and provides affordable eco-housing solutions for the base of the pyramid.


 Investee CO2 Bambu, founded 2008
 Location Nicaragua
 Sector Housing and shelter; agriculture
 Funding period 2011-2013
 Funding type Convertible debt; debt




The housing deficit in Latin America pushes families into housing conditions that are dangerous and unhealthy. In Nicaragua there is an estimated deficit of 400’000 houses. This figure is as high as 52 million houses in Latin America. Self-made houses, poor architectural design, and over-crowding render families more vulnerable to natural phenomena and extreme weather events. The most frequently used alternative construction material in rural Nicaragua is wood, which is seldom harvested in a sustainable manner, thus its use has led to increased deforestation. As the available stock of wood diminishes, its price also increases.


CO2 Bambu designs, manufactures, and field-assembles prefabricated houses and community buildings (e.g. schools and shelters) made of bamboo. These structures are affordable, ecological, and withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods.

Impact depth

CO2 Bambu provides low-income people with access to adequate housing and increases the income of farmers.

Impact Reach 2010 2011 2012 2013
# of BOP housing built 1 102 60 155
# of beneficiaries (p.a.) 609 931 300 931
# of jobs created in rural areas - 20 120 219