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Drink & Donate

Drink & Donate promotes consumption of tap water while collecting donations to support water projects in developing countries.


 Investee Drink & Donate, founded 2010
 Location Switzerland
 Sector Environment
 Funding Start 2017
 Funding type Grant




  • Approximately 89 billion liters of water are bottled every year; 20% of plastic bottles end up in the environment
  • 13% of plastic produced every year ends up in the oceans
  • A recent study by the Medical University of Vienna found microplastics in every single one of its human subjects, from all regions of the world
  • Bottled water produces 1000 times more environmental pollution than tap water
  • At the same time, ~780 million people do not have access to clean drinking water
  • ~1.5 million people die every year because of illnesses caused by dehydration or consumption of polluted water


  • Drink & Donate (D&D) works with gastronomy, hotels, companies and event organizations in Switzerland to promote serving tap water against a small donation. This money is used to finance water projects in developing countries
  • D&D also works with companies to develop unique water concepts to promote tap water consumption within the company, helping companies save money while channeling part of those savings into water projects
  • D&D’s simple interventions reduce plastic waste and save energy by cutting out unnecessary transportation of water, while giving disadvantaged people access to clean drinking water

Impact depth

To date, D&D has provided over 50’000 people with clean drinking water. As of 2018, D&D has channeled over CHF 1.2 million into water projects in developing countries. Within the next 5-10 years, D&D aims to reduce bottled water consumption in Switzerland by 20% and plans to implement its model in other European nations, including Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands. 

D&D works to:

  • Reduce plastic waste: Switzerland alone uses approximately 1 billion plastic bottles of water per year. At the same time, it has one of the best tap water qualities in the world – with tap water cleaner than most bottled water. With the right awareness raising campaign, these arguments can lead to a drastic reduction in bottled water consumption – and prevent tons of plastic waste every year.
  • Save energy and reduce pollution: 42.5% of consumed bottled water in Switzerland is imported. For every liter of imported bottled water, around 2.5 deciliter of crude oil are being used, be it to produce packaging or for transportation. D&D’s model works to prevent this unnecessary use of resources and resulting pollution.
  • Provide access to clean drinking water: D&D’s model creates awareness around water scarcity and encourages guests at hotels, events or restaurants as well as the employees of the companies it works with to drink tap water and make small donations instead of purchasing expensive bottled water. D&D uses these donations to work with established agencies like Switzerland’s Helvetas or Skat Foundation. Together they provide access to clean drinking water to disadvantaged people in developing countries.



By investing in Drink&Donate, we align with and contribute to six of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.