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Driptech provides low-cost, effective drip irrigation system for small plot farmers.


 Investee Driptech, founded 2008
 Location China; India
 Sector Agriculture
 Funding period 2010-2016
 Funding type Equity; convertible debt




  • Today, over 600 million poor farmers in the developing world lack sufficient irrigation water and thus require solutions to use the available water more efficiently
  • Because of smaller farm sizes and little access to financing, these farmers cannot afford current water-saving drip irrigation systems, which are mainly designed for large farms
  • As a result, these farmers struggle to produce crops during the dry season and remain trapped in poverty


  • Driptech has developed a low-cost drip irrigation system to optimize drip irrigation for subsistence farmers in developing countries
  • The system is easily installed, gravity fed and therefore does not require electricity or diesel pumps to distribute the water

Impact depth

  • The Driptech technology enables farmers and their families to exit the poverty cycle by increasing water efficiency – saving up to 70% of water – and enhancing the crop yield by 20% to 90%
  • Local governments also benefit from decreased water consumption and associated pollution from diesel pumping


Driptech furthers:

  • Improved material well-being: Increase in income due to increased crop yield, savings in water and labor costs
  • Improved physical well-being: More income results in better choices for products and services
  • Improved social well-being: More income increases social standing
Impact Reach 2010/11 2012/13 2013/14
# of acres of sold Driptape* 709 6'000 11'835

*on average one acre per farmer