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Lumni provides affordable student loans to low-income youngsters, helping them build a better future.


 Investee Lumni, founded 2002
 Location Colombia
 Sector Education
 Funding Start 2013
 Funding type Equity




Underprivileged students in most countries do not have sufficient capital or collateral to pay for tertiary education, which perpetuates poverty cycles. In Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Chile, 60-75% of youngsters aged 20-24 do not have access to tertiary education; lack of financing is the main reason limiting access. Gross tertiary enrollment in the lowest income quintile in these four countries is only 8.5-20%, vs. 50-93% for the top quintile.


Lumni channels and manages funding from investors to finance tertiary education of underprivileged students in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile and the USA. Students agree to pay 10-14% of their earnings over 61-72 months after graduation, in exchange for financial and academic support during schooling.

Impact depth

By 2021, 50’000 underprivileged students from Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile will have been able to attain tertiary education.

  • Access to tertiary education: Every young high-school student has the chance to attain a higher education and live a better life, and gets the freedom to choose his or her desired path independent from the financial background.
  • Increased financial security: Every university graduated has a chance of getting an average income between USD 868 -5’000/month with real growth in their salaries of 5-7.5% p.a. during the first five to ten years after graduation.
Impact Reach 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
# of new students supported 1'711 1'263 784 742 906 1'145
# of total students supported 6'686 7'949 8'733 9'727 10'461 11'570


By investing in Lumni, we align with and contribute to four of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


Business Innovation Award
"Premio Creatividad Empresarial" in the Finance, Banking and Insurance Products