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Mann Deshi (MD)

Mann Deshi empowers poor rural women to achieve sustainable livelihoods through education and microfinance.


Investee Mann Deshi (MD), founded 1996
Location India
Sector Education
Funding period 2009-2012
Funding type Grant




Rural women in India have limited access to credits and opportunities, which would enable them to develop themselves and their respective regions economically. As a result, migration and suicide are rampant among the rural population.


MD improves the lives of poor women in rural India by providing an innovative combination of financial and non-financial services which helps them and their families achieve financial independence and self-sufficiency. While the MD Bank enables them to step out of the poverty trap through microfinance, the MD Business School provides financial literacy to women with no formal education and to girls who have dropped out of high school, allowing them to start and improve their own small enterprises. By setting up the “Mann Deshi Leasing and Finance Company” (MDLFC) with subsidiaries across the region, MD aims to expand the reach of its microfinance activities.

Impact depth

Mann Deshi aims to reach over 25’000 women through it business school programs, and with the establishment of a new for profit microfinance company expand the reach of these financial literacy courses to all the customers of the company.

Impact Reach 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012/td>
Business Schools 4 5 7 10 12
Women impacted via Business Schools p.a. 9'859 11'130 15'280 20'095 24'945
Clients of MD bank 81'124 96'000 127'000 148'000 192'000