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Por tí, Familia (PTF)

Por tí, Familia is a chain of low cost, for-profit clinics that deliver affordable, quality healthcare to poor communities and sell low cost generic medicines.


Investee Por tí, Familia (PTF), founded 2009
Location Peru
Sector Health
Funding period 2011-2015
Funding type Equity; convertible debt




The Peruvian healthcare system is in a critical condition. 48% of the population in Peru lacks any type of health insurance. Inefficient state-run healthcare services, as well as inefficient distribution channels for medicines and medical attention, have prevented over 5 million low-income people in Lima from having access to affordable primary health care. With USD 144 per capita per year, Peru’s public investment in healthcare is among the lowest in all of Latin America. The average public spending on healthcare in Latin America is USD 363 per capita per year.


Por tí, Familia (PTF) provides high-quality and affordable healthcare to Lima’s low-income communities by establishing full-fledged clinics (hubs) with smaller retail locations (spokes). The hubs provide specialty treatments in relation to primary healthcare and the spokes combine the services of a doctor’s practice, a laboratory, and a pharmacy.

Impact depth

PTF grants less advantaged people in urban areas local access to high-quality primary healthcare services and products at fees that are up to 67 percent lower than in private hospitals.

Impact Reach 2010 2011 2012> 2013e 2014e
# of patients treated 7'000 6'000 10'500 13'000 20'000
Total # of locations 1 5 5 5 5