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streetfootballworld is a global network of 80+ local initiatives using soccer to drive social change and development among less advantaged children and youth.


Investee Streetfootballworld, founded 2002
Location Latin America, Africa, Europe, USA, India
Sector Education
Funding period 2010-2014
Funding type Debt




Millions of disadvantaged and socially marginalised young people lack the opportunities to realise their full potential and build a better future. Lack of quality education, involvement in conflict and the risk of teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS are a reality in their everyday lives. Civil society organizations (CSOs) working in local communities are in the best position to identify and address the socio-economic challenges faced by these young people. However most of these organizations lack the appropriate knowledge and access to networks which would empower them to efficiently implement their solutions in a scalable and sustainable manner.


  • streetfootballworld is a non-profit organization that heads up a global network of 85 local organizations which use football to support young people in tackling social challenges and driving development in their communities
  • streetfootballworld carefully selects local organizations to become network members, and offers them a platform for networking, professional exchange, knowledge sharing, partnership building and access to funding
  • The UNITED website ( will serve as streetfootballworld’s key tool for networking and resource mobilization, facilitating increased engagement in Development through Football initiatives across the globe by individual and corporate donors

Impact depth

By supporting the work of its member organizations streetfootballworld facilitates outreach to over 1.5m young people globally every year, helping to reduce socio-economic disparities and overcome the various forms of discrimination through the respective empowerment initiatives.

Impact Reach 2010 2011 2012* 2013e 2014e**
# of active clients 80 80 85 90 95
# of doctor visits n/a n/a 30'000 200'000 400'000

* 2012 UEFA European Championship
** 2014 FIFA World Cup