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Efficiency and transparency are paramount to our philanthropic engagements

LGT Venture Philanthropy supports the growth of innovative social purpose organizations by providing them with both financial and non-financial support in order to increase their societal impact.

Efficient use of resources

"Efficiency and transparency is paramount to our philanthropic engagements. With this objective in mind we have applied many proven principles and processes from the venture capital and consulting industry to our approach. We raise and invest philanthropic capital with great care and ambition, and with the very clear expectation that it can unleash social and environmental benefits."

Oliver Karius, Managing Partner, LGT Venture Philanthropy
  • Entrepreneurial approach
  • Succeeding as partners
  • Our global footprint

Across the globe, social and environmental problems are root causes for political conflicts and enormous economic and moral challenges. Far too many people struggle to access affordable products and services catering to their basic needs, such as food security, medical care, education and energy supply.

Scalable solutions
We seek to support both non-profit organizations and for-profit companies that deliver effective and scalable solutions to disadvantaged people with the aim to create value and societal impact thereby contributing to healthy ecosystems and communities.

Since 2007, we have supported over 36 social companies and organizations across five sectors and world regions. Based on proven principles and processes from the venture capital and consulting industries we ensure efficient allocation of resources throughout the support of our portfolio companies and organizations in their growth and development.

Tailored support
While we intend to implement a consistent discipline and methodology, and to share experiences and benchmarks across our focus sectors and regions, we seek to provide each company or organization with the tailored support and financing structure it needs. Our approach is influenced by regional context, thematic variations, business model and growth stage.

We value a strong interaction with our portfolio companies and organizations that is well organized, comprehensive, direct and efficient - adding value and creating a win-win situation for all partners involved.

Access to knowhow
The LGT Impact Fellowship allows us to connect dedicated experience business professionals from our broader network with our portfolio. The fellows use their skills in operative areas where our portfolio companies and organizations see a need.

We believe the broad, holistic spectrum of support we offer, combined with flexible and tailored financial capital, expands creation of positive societal impact.

We work and succeed as partners. Together with our broad network of partners we aim to attract large-scale capital to the social entrepreneurship sector, building high growth, purpose-driven organizations, and ultimately contributing to the acceleration of positive impact on billions of lives.

In a world that has become more and more interlinked from an economic, environmental and political perspective, we like to assess issues with the mindset of a global citizen, taking a regional perspective into consideration. As a result, we have not focused on just one part of the world, but we have consciously engaged with a much broader geographic scope which requires a larger organization to achieve critical mass in the various regions, and excellent communication and processes to optimally leverage resources and to foster organizational learning.

While we aspire to be global in our motivation and mindset we need to have a deep local and regional understanding and local networks to invest successfully in the various regions. Facilitating global learning and a transfer of best practices across our portfolio is an effort that adds value to our work as well as to our portfolio organizations.

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