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Focus on sectors that are building blocks to empowering disadvantaged people

LGT Venture Philanthropy aligns with and subscribes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by engaging in the sectors education, healthcare, energy, agriculture, and information and communication technologies.


Billions of disadvantaged people lack access to affordable, high-quality essential goods and services as well as livelihood opportunities. We view this as an extraordinary opportunity for social entrepreneurs with effective, scalable solutions in sectors that are building blocks for empowering disadvantaged people and their communities.

The tabs below showcase our key sectors with selected examples from our portfolio.

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Health & Information and communication Technologies

Krakakoa improves livelihoods of smallholder cocoa farmers in Indonesia by providing training, paying premium prices, and managing an integrated value chain.

Grassroots Innovation Company (GIC) organizes farmers in Thailand into cooperatives and provides technical assistance, financing and market access assistance.

Hilltribe Organics (HTO) triples farmers’ income by contracting them to set up free-range, organic chicken farms.

Educate Girls (EG) increases school attendance and learning outcomes of children in India.

Enseña Chile (eCh) improves high school education for the poor in Chile.

Aangan Trust increases safety and resilience of vulnerable children in India.

GreenOil converts organic and farming waste to electricity and organic fertilizer by a process of anaerobic digestion.

One Renewable Energy Enterprise, Inc. provides affordable and renewable energy solutions.

mothers2mothers aims to eliminate pediatric AIDS in Africa and keep mothers alive.

Bive connects low income Colombians with high-quality healthcare providers through a low cost annual membership.

The Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs (IPE) discovers and eradicates the root cause of massive pollution.

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