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Breakfast event on Capacity Building Support

December 8, 2017

We co-hosted a breakfest meeting with the GIIN to present and discuss a report on capacity building support. 

LGT Impact/LGT Venture Philanthropy (LGT VP) together with GIIN’s research team co-hosted a breakfast meeting to present and discuss the latest GIIN issue brief, Beyond Investments: The Power of Capacity Building Support. Participants included representatives from CDC, BlueOrchard, BIOinvest, WWF and LGT Bank among others.

Capacity-building support, or technical assistance, is a versatile, widely-applicable tool that offers multiple direct benefits to both investors and investees. The GIIN’s issue brief provides an in-depth look at capacity-building practices in the impact investing industry. The report documents how capacity-building support can contribute to the impact that investors seek to achieve, and surfaces key insights about the current state of such support in impact investing. It draws from interviews with 31 leading impact investing practitioners to identify common, effective practices for capacity-building support, and highlights opportunities to further enhance these practices. It also includes four investor profiles that demonstrate how investors can leverage, design, implement, and fund their capacity-building support to enhance the performance of their investees—and ultimately have a greater positive social and environmental impact on the communities in which they operate.

LGT Impact participated in the survey that preceded the report and has been actively involved in capacity building efforts through the LGT Impact Fellowship since 2009.

During the breakfast, the GIIN’s presentation of the findings of the study was followed by introductions to the capacity building approaches implemented by BlueOrchard, Finance in Motion and LGT Impact.

The event was part of our ongoing efforts to promote research and thought leadership in the field of venture philanthropy and impact investing.