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LGT Venture Philanthropy partners with marine conservation organization Blue Ventures

September 1, 2020

Blue Ventures supports coastal communities in the tropics to rebuild marine ecosystems and protect their livelihoods

LGT VP is excited to announce a new engagement to support Blue Ventures.

Blue Ventures is dedicated to preserving marine life by working with the people to whom it is most vital - small scale fishers. Blue Ventures works in places that are home to globally important biodiversity and some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable coastal populations.

The heart of Blue Ventures’ approach is building strong local institutions that are able to secure community rights to manage and protect their fisheries. This includes protecting ecosystems through fisheries closures and marine reserves, and incentivising locally led conservation by demonstrating the benefits that can flow from well managed oceans -- from improved fisheries to blue carbon finance.

LGT VP is committed to protecting and regenerating marine ecosystems in ways that are embedded and managed by local communities and that integrate Natural Climate Solutions and is proud to have BV as anchor partner in marine conservation. 

Read the full press release here