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Career paths of our alumni Fellows

Our Fellowship Program is a proven gateway to pursuing an impact driven career.

The LGT Impact Fellowship offers an exceptional opportunity for personal and professional development by exposing its participants to complex and unknown environments at  portfolio organizations of LGT Venture Philanthropy primarily operating in Latin America, Africa, India and Europe. The program therefore provides by design a stepping stone for professionals who wish to transition into or advance a career in social entrepreneurship, impact investing or the sustainable business sector more broadly.

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Impact career path examples of our Fellows

  • Careers at leading sector organizations
  • Careers at impact investors
  • Careers as social entrepreneurs
  • Careers at portfolio companies

Liz Chacko (USA), LGT Impact Fellow 2012
Liz entered the Fellowship with several years of experience in servicing institutional investors in financial services firms including Drake Management, BNP Paribas and JP Morgan in the US, Europe and Asia. Her academic background includes finance and management studies at New York University and an MBA from Georgetown University in Foreign Service - International Development. During her Fellowship Liz worked as a Strategy Consultant to scale up Operation Asha’s proposal to improve the living standards of the low income population via access to high quality yet affordable basic consumer goods in India. Subsequent to her fellowship, Liz continued building her career as a sector specialist at USAID.

Amandeep Singh (India), LGT Impact Fellow 2012
Holding a Master’s degree in Pharmacy from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Amandeep worked for almost 5 years in healthcare consulting at Boston Analytics and Datamonitor in India prior to his Fellowship. In the role of the Country Manager of Operation Asha in Cambodia, he led the organization’s operations and expansion into new areas of Cambodia during his Fellowship. Subsequently, Amandeep first joined an affordable housing project of a European family foundation and the United Nations in Manila, Philippines and then returned to Cambodia to work for the Clinton Health Access Initiative as a Program Manager with a focus on eradicating malaria.

Jessica Martin (USA), LGT Impact Fellow 2011
After her studies in Economics and International Management at Fairfield University, Jessica started a career as Market Strategy Analyst at Bank of America Private Wealth Management. After almost 4 years in the financial sector she decided to join the Fellowship Program. Jessica was Global Business Development Consultant at Driptech’s US headquarter in Mountain View. She build organizational capacity to facilitate the organization’s international rollout into India and China. After her Fellowship year she stayed with Driptech for another half a year, taking over the operations lead. After completing her fellowship, Jessica joined Acumen as Innovation Manager to scale the organization’s leadership curriculum.

Yoshikata Tabuchi (Japan), LGT Impact Fellow 2014
With an MBA from IESE Business School, Yoshi built a career in various areas such as investment, market analysis and project management for over 10 years. Past experiences include investing in renewable energy projects for Japan and Latin America at Sojitz Corporation, one of the leading trading firms in Japan; advising World In Asia, a Japanese impact investor; working for the Research and Evaluation Unit of BRAC Uganda. As a Fellow, Yoshitaka supported LGT Impact Ventures’ investment activities in the Philippines by accelerating and sourcing pipeline deals. After his Fellowship, Yoshi joined Social Investment Partners as Managing Director in Japan.

André Lottersberger (Switzerland), LGT Impact Fellow 2011
André brought 10 years of professional experience as attorney-at-law in commercial law firms and legal counselor/director in international wealth management at UBS into his fellowship. As a Legal and Strategy Consultant, he advised the senior management of mothers2mothers in Cape Town, South Africa, on structural and strategic initiatives and assisted with the organization’s critical expansion into new countries. After completing his fellowship, André joined EFG Financial Products AG as Executive Director. After the Fellowship, he moved on to work as Senior Legal Counsel (Social Venture Capital / Private Equity) with one of the leading impact investment firms, responsAbility Investments AG, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Juan Carlos Moreno (Switzerland), LGT Impact Fellow 2009
Before joining the first cohort of our Fellowship Program in 2009, Juan Carlos worked for 8 years as Manager Internal Audit at Adecco Management Consulting and Manager Financial Advisory Service (M&A) at Deloitte. During his Fellowship with Foundation Pro Cerrado in Brazil, he supported the organization’s and staff’s readiness for a critical expansion phase. As CFO and Business Developer he was part of the leadership team and reported directly to the Board of Directors. After his fellowship, Juan Carlos was asked to join LGT Impact's regional investment team in Brazil. Before he left our team in 2016, Juan Carlos had become a partner at LGT Impact and our Head of Latin America.

Avani Parekh (USA), LGT Impact Fellow 2012
Avani graduated from George Washington University in International Affairs and Political Science in 2011. Already prior to her studies she collected a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship and the nonprofit sector. Among others Avani has been consulting nonprofits and small business on strategy, fundraising and program design for many years, launched a grassroots initiative in India to link diaspora Indians with non-profit organizations working in India and co-directed at Kiran Inc. four organizations to serve immigrant victims of domestic violence in North Carolina. As a Fellow she worked for Operation Asha on site in New Delhi, India to support their international fundraising strategy. After the Fellowship, Avani founded - a social enterprise focusing on bringing real-time sexuality and healthy relationship counseling to the masses in India using technology.

In this video Avani talks about how the Fellowship encouraged her to start her own social enterprise.

Anna-Marie Silvester (Canadian), LGT Impact Fellow 2012
Anna-Marie has an academic background with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Victoria and a Master as well as a Doctorate’s degree in Applied Sciences from the University of British Colombia, Canada. She collected 6 years of experience as Teaching Assistant at the UBC Electrical & Computer Engineering Department and as a Team Coordinator at Engineers without Boarders. Anna-Marie did her Fellowship as Product Development Specialist with M-Kopa in Kenya. She was involved with testing and implementing the roll-out of M-Kopa’s commercial products and continued to work as Head of Engineering at M-Kopa after the end of her Fellowship.

Vivian Lee (Taiwanese-American), LGT Impact Fellow 2011
With a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from Northwestern University, Vivian collected 5 years of experience as an operations consultant across several industries with a focus on strategic sourcing and procurement. Mid-2010 she decided to make a career transition into the non-profit sector in China before joining Rags2Riches in Manila, Philippines as a Fellow beginning of 2011. As Operations Manager, Vivian helped Rags2Riches to enhance management processes, optimize supply chains and establish governance procedures to facilitate the international rollout of their products. After her Fellowship year, she was asked to take over responsibility for the organization’s supply chain and community development operations on a permanent basis. Vivian worked for another 2 years with Rags2Riches as Operations Director before joining Wedu Global in Thailand as COO.

"I applied my financial modeling skills, improved my skills for preparing strategic business cases as well as gained a decent understanding in the field of early childhood development. Working with preschool children was most gratifying. It was interesting to learn about a diverse range of pedagogical topics whilst working with the pedagogic staff. Thanks to the wealth of experiences throughout this year I feel more mature both in a professional and personal sense and I am very grateful about my participation."

Linus Sluyter, LGT Impact Fellow 2010, Social Franchise Director at aeioTu