LGT Impact Fellowship program Embedded for meaningful impact

The LGT Impact Fellowship, launched in 2009, matches your capabilities with the needs of our portfolio organizations. The offering is open to mid-level professionals who are searching for meaning in their career and how to make a difference with their work.

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What we deliver:

How does the LGT Impact Fellowship add value to candidates?

Unique Opportunity: The LGT Impact Fellowship offers a distinctive chance for candidates eager to apply their professional skills in a meaningful way, making a positive impact.

Hands-On Experience: LGT Impact Fellows embark on a 12-month full-time engagement, gaining valuable hands-on experience in the field. This opportunity allows them to build a strong track record within the social impact sector.

Responsible Roles: Fellows play crucial roles within portfolio organizations of LGT Venture Philanthropy, often collaborating closely with senior management.

Exclusive Placement: LGT Impact Fellows are exclusively placed at portfolio organizations of LGT Venture Philanthropy.

Kick-off Workshop: Upon joining, Fellows are invited to a one-week kick-off workshop. Here, they get to meet the entire cohort, which serves as a support group throughout the Fellowship year.

Access to Expertise: Fellows gain access to the expertise of professionals at LGT Venture Philanthropy, enabling them to expand their network within the social impact space.

How does the LGT Impact Fellowship add value to our portfolio organizations?

Access to high- caliber talent: The LGT Venture Philanthropy brand, together with a track record of successfully running the LGT Impact Fellowship program since 2009, has allowed the program to build a strong reputation that attracts high-caliber mid-level business professionals who are committed to making a positive impact.

Efficient recruitment process: The LGT Impact Fellowship team takes on the responsibility of screening candidates for our portfolio organizations. This streamlines the recruitment process for organizations, saving valuable time and effort.

Flexibility for Portfolio Organizations: The program operates on a needs-based approach, granting portfolio organizations complete control over the recruitment of Fellows. There is no obligation to hire Fellows, ensuring flexibility to match organizational needs.

Capacity Building and Expertise Sharing: Fellows serve as a valuable extra set of hands, actively contributing to the execution of growth strategies within portfolio organizations. They enhance organizational capacity, impart private sector expertise, and provide training to local staff, making a substantial contribution to the organization's efforts to scale and increase its impact.

Stats since 2009

  • 202

    Fellows placed

  • 47%

    of Fellows are from Global South

  • 39%

    of Fellows stay with host organization beyond their 12-month engagement

  • 71%

    of Fellows remain in impact organizations

  • 7 years

    of average work experience

  • 72%

    of LGT Impact Fellows hold a Master’s degree or MBA

Fellowship lifecycle

LGT Impact Fellows are supported throughout their 12- month impact journey and beyond. 

Fellowship kick-off workshop


LGT Impact Fellows are welcomed with a kick-off workshop and undergo professional onboarding in their portfolio organization.

Fellowship support


LGT Impact Fellows enjoy support during their year-long engagement, not only from LGT Venture Philanthropy, but also from other fellows, who act as an important support group during their placement.

Alumni Fellows


After completing the LGT Impact Fellowship, professionals become part of a rich alumni community.

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