LGT Impact Fellowship program Embedded for meaningful impact

The LGT Impact Fellowship, launched in 2009, matches your capabilities with the needs of our portfolio organizations. The offering is open to mid-level professionals who are searching for meaning in their career and how to make a difference with their work.

LGT VP Fellowship, Fellow with children

What we deliver 

LGT Venture Philanthropy’s promise

Both LGT Impact Fellows and portfolio organizations enjoy transparency and reliability in terms of what LGT Venture Philanthropy offers. Our promise is underpinned by a stringent vetting process to maximize the benefit of the LGT Impact Fellowship for professionals as well as for our portfolio organizations.

  • Exposure
    LGT Impact Fellows are exposed to new cultures and learn to work with limited resources in hands-on situations in the field

  • Foundation 
    Fellows can lay the foundation for their network and begin building contacts in the impact sector

  • Track record
    Fellows can spur their career transition goals in the impact sector by building a credible track record

  • Trust
    LGT Impact Fellows are placed exclusively with portfolio organizations of LGT Venture Philanthropy and Lightrock

  • Commitment
    Portfolio organizations can rely on the experience of high-caliber professionals committed to making a favorable impact

  • Experience
    Partner organizations can benefit from the private sector experience of mid-level business professionals

  • Recruitment
    LGT Venture Philanthropy screens candidates for our portfolio organizations, minimizing recruiting efforts

  • Focus
    LGT Impact Fellows often work closely with senior management at their respective host organization, working on strategic projects and building out or testing new functions. They work in roles that require an outside-in view or in functions that benefit from the transfer of private sector knowledge. 

Smart stats since 2009

  • 202

    Fellows placed since 2009

  • 47%

    of professionals matched are from the Global South

  • 39%

    of LGT Impact Fellows stay with host organizations beyond their 12-month engagement

  • 71%

    of Fellows remain in impact organizations

  • 7 years

    of average work experience

  • 72%

    of LGT Impact Fellows hold a Master’s degree or MBA

Fellowship lifecycle

LGT Impact Fellows are supported throughout their 12- month impact journey and beyond 

Fellowship kick-off workshop


LGT Impact Fellows are welcomed with a kick-off workshop and undergo professional onboarding in their portfolio organization.

Fellowship support


LGT Impact Fellows enjoy support during their year-long engagement, not only from LGT Venture Philanthropy, but also from other fellows, who act as an important support group during their placement.

Alumni Fellows


After completing the LGT Impact Fellowship, professionals become part of a rich alumni community

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