About our impact Measurable social and environmental impact

Our mission is simple: to ensure our portfolio organizations have the greatest possible impact. We consistently assess and measure their social and environmental performance with proprietary tools and best-practice standards to provide accountability to the communities we serve as well as to our stakeholders. We join our portfolio organizations on their learning journey to tap into the full impact potential of their solutions, while also reducing risks.

FES, Ladies carrying wood
FES, Ladies carrying wood

Impact process

LGT Venture Philanthropy considers the impact of its actions every step of the way. We identify the benefit that proposed solutions will have on people and the planet. We apply a framework of tools, standards and templates to due diligence for detailed analysis. We take independent research into consideration.

Together with the grantees, we identify impact KPIs and targets in the grant agreement. These are subject to transparent quarterly reporting, which designates effective methods and highlights room for improvement. In working with organizations, LGT Venture Philanthropy learns to jointly evaluate impact.

Smart stats

Since launching in 2007, LGT Venture Philanthropy has disbursed $115 million to 77 organizations. In 2022:

  • 727 000

    children benefited from easier access to education

  • 1.0 million

    young people became more employable

  • 8.1 million

    people gained better access to healthcare

  • 40 000

    healthcare workers were trained

  • 412 000

    benefitting from improved ecosystems services

  • 2,3

    square kilometers of land were protected


Impact highlights

LGT Venture Philanthropy renewed its commitment to a common market standard for impact management.

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LGT Venture Philanthropy ensured a partnership based on government increasing spending on education.


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How we create impact with our portfolio organizations

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