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In this interview, Oliver Karius, CEO of LGT Venture Philanthropy, talks about the organisation's history, its unique impact-driven approach and the exciting journey that lies ahead.
Peepul has a proven, evidence-based approach and has codified its teacher training practices into practical bite sized modular training sessions. This along with a dynamic leadership and strong program team, LGT VP believes, sets Peepul apart as a civil society organization in the Education sector in India. Peepul’s systemic interventions for teachers and pedagogy complement LGT VP’s basic education strategy. LGT VP’s Education portfolios’ organizations intervene at child, school...
Delhi, India, April 2024 – LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation (LGT VP) is delighted to announce entering a three-year grant agreement, which further extends the trusted partnership with The Antara Foundation (TAF).
LGT Venture Philanthropy is excited to welcome applications for this year’s LGT Impact Fellowship intake. Impact-driven mid-career business professionals are now invited to apply for one of the 20+ LGT Impact Fellowship roles based across Africa and India. The LGT Impact Fellowship, launched in 2009, matches the capabilities of high-caliber talents with the needs of our portfolio organizations. The offering is open to seasoned professionals who are searching for meaning in their career and...
Well managed organization using innovation and government partnerships to scale impact A strong, professional, and forward-looking senior management team led by a visionary founder is at the core of ARMMAN’s success. Its founder, Dr. Aparna Hegde has played an important role in strengthening maternal and child health systems in India, while the CEO Ramesh Padmanabhan comes with over 25 years of experience in information technology and non-profit sector.

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