Announcing the Launch of the M&E Health Check Tool: A diagnostic tool for organizations to fully leverage the potential of data to scale impact

LGT Venture Philanthropy is excited to announce the launch of the M&E Health Check Tool co-created with LGT Venture Philanthropy and IDinsight. This tool is a free public good and is designed to help organizations assess the health of their M&E and data management systems and identify areas for improvement. With this tool we would like to support organizations, beyond our portfolio, to fully leverage the potential of data to scale impact.

Health Check
M&E Health Check

The M&E Healthcheck is a diagnostic survey that produces recommendations for social and environmental organizations of all sizes. It is an evidence-backed tool, built upon best-practice literature on capacity-building and experiences from IDinsight. As organizations become more aware of the power of data and evidence to unlock and amplify their impact, the need to build data capacity has increased. This tool is designed to enable organizations to test their data readiness and provides tailored recommendations on where they need to invest in building data capacity.

This tool consists of a survey that captures an organization’s or program’s existing monitoring and evaluation, data analytics and data management systems capacity. The respondent will receive an automated final report identifying priority areas for improvement. The report will rate the health of the organization’s M&E, assess the capacity of the organization’s mission alignment and strategy, M&E Human Resources, and existing M&E Systems, and then provide targeted recommendations. These recommendations may be supplemented with hands-on support as needed.

We believe that the M&E Health Check Tool has the potential to be a valuable resource for organizations looking to fully leverage the potential of their data to drive organizational success. By helping organizations understand their strengths and areas for improvement, the tool can support them in building a strong foundation for data-driven decision-making and impact measurement.

We are excited to see the positive impact the M&E Health Check Tool will have on organizations around the world.

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And to learn more about the M&E Health Check tool, please join our webinar on 7 February, 11am EAT. Kindly register here.

“Many of LGT VP’s portfolio organizations are highly data-driven. Through working closely with them we are able to witness the tremendous impact of using data to drive the solutions' effectiveness and efficiency. We believe that the M&E Health Check tool will be a valuable resource for organizations to easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of their data management capabilities. The tool provides organizations with a direction where to invest to build additional skills to tap into the full potential of data. With this tool, we want to contribute to enabling as many organizations as possible (no matter if they are in the LGT VP portfolio or not), to accelerate their journeys to become more data-driven in scaling their impact.” 
- Tom Kagerer, Partner, LGT Venture Philanthropy

We at IDinsight are excited by the potential of the M&E Health Check developed in partnership with LGT Venture Philanthropy. We hope that this tool will empower organizations with an in-depth diagnosis of their current M&E systems and enable them to identify areas where additional capacity may be required to meet their social impact objectives. We believe this tool can serve organizations as a critical first step toward amplifying the impact they can achieve through evidence-based decisions. 
- Neha Raykar, Associate Director, IDinsight

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