LGT Venture Philanthropy announces three-year follow-on investment in AMP Health to strengthen primary healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa


With its three-year follow-on investment, LGT VP seeks to help AMP Health grow from working in seven countries and 10 Ministry of Health (MOH) teams to 19 countries and 23 MOH teams by 2024.


LGT VP is excited to announce its continued engagement with AMP Health. 

After one year into the partnership, LGT VP has come to know AMP Health as an effective organization that empowers government teams to better define, plan and execute national health strategies. AMP Health’s solutions and a lean team have rendered the organization’s work attractive to national governments and strengthened AMP Health’s reputation across Africa. The embedded nature of AMP Health’s model as well as a successful pivot to online learning sessions allowed MOH teams not only to respond to the pandemic swiftly, but also to ensure that essential healthcare services continued.

One of LGT VP's health strategy goals is to support national community healthcare solutions in five African countries by 2023. The foundation has developed a complementary healthcare strategy, which supports intermediaries that build finance and management capacity within MOH teams on the one hand, and improves on-the-ground health providers’ operational capacity on the other. AMP Health’s work is complementary to that of other innovative organizations in the LGT VP portfolio, including the Financing Alliance for Health, mothers2mothers and Last Mile Health.

Read the full press release here.

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