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LGT Venture Philanthropy commits to a new partnership with Peepul to support its mission of transforming learning in government schools through high-engagement teaching in India

India, April 2024 – LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation (LGT VP) is delighted to announce a new partnership with Peepul. Peepul partners with state governments to improve student learning outcomesthrough training teachers to deliver a highengagement teaching practice and through academic, administrative, and institutional reforms. The new partnership with LGT VP will support Peepul’s plans to deepen their interventions in the three states of Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh. As of 2023, Peepul reaches 95,000 schools and 325,000 teachers across 3 states to enhance learning outcomes for more than 10 million students.


Peepul  has  a  proven,  evidence-based approach  and  has codified  itsteacher  trainingpractices  into  practical  bite  sized modular training sessions. This along with a dynamic leadership and strong program team, LGT VP believes,sets Peepul apart  as  a  civil  society  organization  in  the  Education  sector  in  India. Peepul’s systemic interventions  for  teachers  and pedagogy complementLGT VP’s basic education strategy. LGT VP’s Education portfolios’ organizations intervene at child, school,community, and system levelsin states across India.LGT VP sees a strong alignment with the values and cultureof Peepul as an organization.

Going forward, Peepul seeks to strengthen its impact measurement across programsbuild thought leadership within the sector to engage in national policy formulation, and reinforce its internal functional capacities. 

Neelima Karath, Investment Manager-LGT Venture Philanthropy, explains: “LGT VPappreciates thesystemicsolutions mindsetthat  Peepul  has, working closely  with governments  at various  levels. Peepul’s close knit team isfocusedon ensuring that children from all backgrounds who attend public schools get access to a quality education,through training and working with teachers and school leaders. Thisis a sustainable model that speaks toLGT VP’svalues and beliefs on how change can be scaled,andmodelsbuilt to last.”

Kruti Bharucha, CEO and Founder echoes:
“We are thrilled to work with LGT Venture Philanthropy to work towards our goal of providing quality education in public schools and strengthening governance systems. This will be a fantastic opportunity to not just scale our high-engagement teaching modelbut also to leverage LGT’s sector expertise to grow as an organizationand strengthen our functions.”

Peepul is registered as Absolute Return for Kids as a Society Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. Founded in 2017, Peepul is an education non-profit working towards transforming the public education system by designing & executing high quality at-scale interventions. Peepul partners with state governments to transform learning in schools through training teachers to deliver high-engagement teaching practice and through academic, administrative, and institutional reforms.For more information, please visit https://www.peepulindia.org/.

LGT  Venture  Philanthropy  (LGT  VP) is  an  independent  charitable  foundation  established  in  2007  with  partners  in Switzerland,  Sub-Saharan  Africa,  and  India.  The  Foundation  strives  to  improve  the  quality  of  life  of  people  facing disadvantages,  contribute  to  healthy ecosystems,  and  build  resilient,  inclusive,  and  prosperous  communities.  LGT  VP focuses  on  strengthening  the  capabilities of  locally rooted  organizations  that  deliver  effective, scalable  solutions  across health,   education,   and   the   environment   contributing directly   to   the   SDGs.   For   more   information,   please   visit www.lgtvp.com.

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