LGT Venture Philanthropy continues its engagement with Educate Girls, extending the 10-year-long, successful partnership


LGT VP continues its engagement with Educate Girls (EG), a non-profit organization focused on mobilizing communities to improve and expand girls’ education in India’s rural and educationally underprivileged areas.

Educate Girls

LGT VP’s education strategy focuses on skills development for youth as well as early childhood and primary education in underserved communities. EG was the first investment in LGT VP’s foundational learning strategy in India and has proven to be both a pioneering and a reliable partner over the past decade: The organization has developed a cost-effective, replicable model to empower girls in rural India and raise awareness about the importance of education. EG leverages the government’s school infrastructure, engages communities through volunteers, identifies and enrols out-of-school girls, and keeps them in school, thereby improving learning outcomes and lives. Since inception in 2007, EG has enrolled over 1.1  million girls back into school. 

LGT VP is now 10 years into its partnership with EG and continues to believe in the organization’s effective model. Two years ago, EG partnered with a data science provider, ID Insight, to expand EG’s program by applying machine learning to identify the villages with the highest concentration of girls not enrolled in school. The incorporation of data and predictive analytics into EG’s model has proven catalytic to the organization’s impact reach, so much so that EG has the potential to extend its level of influence beyond its target market in India.

With this three-year follow-on investment, LGT VP will support EG in advancing its data analysis and partnership capabilities and in developing its next five-year strategy.

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