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LGT Venture Philanthropy extends its partnership with ARMMAN to support the expansion of its blended ‘tech plus touch’ model for improving maternal and child health in India

Mumbai, India, October 2023 –LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation (LGT VP) is delighted to announce the extension of its engagement with ARMMAN, to support its ambitious 5-year strategy. The new 3-year contract will support ARMMAN’s plans to reach 70 million women in India by 2030, and contribute to reducing India’s maternal mortality rate (MMR) and infant mortality rate (IMR) by 20% over the next five years. ARMMAN’s position as a leading organization in maternal and child health in India, strong partnership with central and state governments, and a blended ‘tech plus touch’ model which combines technology with human interaction via frontline health workers, makes them well positioned to achieve these targets. LGT VP’s flexible core funding and non-financial  support  will  allow  ARMMAN  to  further  strengthen  the organization’s capabilities to deliver impact at scale, at quality and at cost.


Well managed organization using innovation and government partnerships to scale impact

A  strong,  professional,  and  forward-looking  senior  management  team  led  by  a  visionary  founder  is  at  the  core  of ARMMAN’s success. Its founder, Dr. Aparna Hegde has played an important role in strengthening maternal and child health  systems  in  India,  while the  CEO  Ramesh  Padmanabhan  comes  with  over  25  years  of  experience  in  information technology and non-profit sector. They are backed by a seasoned team of professionals from both the development and for-profit  sectors.  As  a  result,  ARMMAN  has  built  a  cultureof innovation and continuously improving its programs’ delivery, content, and engagement through technologies such as predictive analysis using AI, using WhatsApp as a means of two-way communication, etc.This has helped ARMMAN add immense value to the two government owned programs it has been operating since 2018 –Kilkari  and  Mobile  Academy.  Kilkari  is  the  largest  mobile-based  maternal  messaging  program  in  the  world  and  has supported over 38 million womenand children, while Mobile Academy has provided mobile-based refresher training to over 334,000 frontline health workers in India.

Its ambitious 5-year strategy aims to scale impact by further embedding innovation in the government system

ARMMAN  has  kick-started  its  5-year  strategy  (2023-2028)  with  an  ambition  to  reach  70  million  women  by  2030  and contribute to reducing India’s MMR and IMR. ARMMAN will achieve the ambitious targets by enhancing the existing government m-Health systems with the support of its on-ground program team, scaling its high-risk pregnancy program to 5 key states in India, and using innovations such as using artificial intelligence and machine learning models to improve listenership of its programs.Tom  Kagerer,  Partner -LGT Venture Philanthropy, explains: “LGT VP’s Health Strategy aims at strengthening health organizations’ capacity to work in partnership with government on improving health outcomes. An important element of this strategy lies in the preventionof health issues through the dissemination of health knowledge and the promotion of 
health  seeking  behavior  in  communities  through  highly  scalable  technology  solutions.  ARMMAN  is  doing  exactly  this, hence their solution is a critical pillar of LGT VP’s support in India.”Ramesh Padmanabhan, CEO of ARMMAN, echoes: “ARMMAN’s unique blended ‘tech plus touch’ model has proven to be replicable,  scalable  and  cost  effective.  With  our  rich  on-ground  experience  over  the  last  decade  and  a  half  driving  our strategies,  we  are  now  integrating  gender  transformative  and  equity-based  approaches  to  our  interventions. LGT VP’s deep understanding of our work, and their active support and guidance over the years have been instrumental in shaping our efforts to improve maternal and child healthin India. Their strong commitment to our cause empowers us to create and execute more inclusive programs which are empathetic towards the challenges faced by the women and the health workers, while we strive to achieve health equity.”

ARMMAN  is a trust registered under Section 12 A of the Income Tax Act of 1961 and is a non-profit charitable organization. ARMMAN (Advancing Reduction InMortality And Morbidity Of Mothers, Children And Neonates) was founded in 2008 and leverages  mHealth  to  create  cost-effective,  scalable,  gender-transformative  and  equity-based,  non-linear,  systemic solutions  to  improve  the  health-seeking  behaviour  of  pregnant  women  and  mothers  while  building  capacities  of  health workers  to  ensure  efficient  antenatal  and  childhood  care,  timely  diagnosis,  management  and  referral  of  high-risk pregnancies. The organization is currently working in 20 States of India, and has reached more than 41 million pregnant women,  mothers  and  their  children  and  trained  over  334,000  health  workers,  towards  reducing  maternal  and  child mortality and morbidity. For more information, please visit www.armman.org

LGT  Venture  Philanthropy  (LGT  VP) is  an  independent  charitable  foundation  established  in  2007  with  partners  in Switzerland,  Sub-Saharan  Africa,  and  India.  The  Foundation  strives  to  improve  the  quality  of  life  of  people  facing disadvantages,  contribute  to  healthy  ecosystems,  and  build  resilient,  inclusive,  and  prosperous  communities.  LGT  VP focuses  on  strengthening  the  capabilities  of  locally  rooted  organizations  that  deliver  effective, scalable  solutions  across health,   education,   and   the   environment   contributing   directly   to   the   SDGs.   For   more   information,   please   visit www.lgtvp.com.

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