LGT Venture Philanthropy joined the COVID-19 Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs


The Alliance was launched with the goal to support social entrepreneurs during the crisis and its aftermath


Today, LGT Venture Philanthropy joined the 80+ members of the COVID-19 Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs, initiated by the World Economic Forum. The Alliance is an unprecedented collaboration between global leaders in social entrepreneurship, with the aim to support social entrepreneurs as first responders to the COVID-19 crisis and as pioneers of an inclusive, green, and resilient society and economic system. 

Together, Alliance members support over 50,000 social entrepreneurs, touching the lives of over 1 billion people, in over 190 countries - often serving marginalized and vulnerable communities who have been disproportionately hit by the pandemic.

Alliance members call on their peers to join the effort and support social entrepreneurs through the crisis and beyond. 

Read the Action Agenda to learn more and register. 
Entrepreneurs seeking support can find an overview of valuable resources, platforms and programs here

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