LGT Venture Philanthropy partners with ARMMAN to support and strengthen maternal and child healthcare in India


ARMMAN deploys mHealth solutions to improve the health of mothers, children and their families.


LGT VP is excited to announce a new engagement to support ARMMAN.

ARMMAN deploys tech-enabled, cost-effective,evidence-based and highly scalable mHealth solutions to ensure safe pregnancies, healthy babies, and thriving young families. The organization uses a ‘tech plus touch’ model to leverage high mobile penetration and existing health infrastructure to: a) Increase access for pregnant women and their families to preventive health information through free voice calls b) Build the capacity of Community Health Workers by providing refresher trainings, for improved diagnoses, referral and care.

In 2019, ARMMAN entered a collaboration with the national health ministry as its implementation partner for two of its flagship mHealth programs to improve maternal and child health outcomes. With LGT VP’s support, ARMMAN will strengthen its partnership with India’s Ministry of Health & Family Welfare to build resilient digital health systems.

Read the full press release here.

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