LGT Venture Philanthropy partners with Muso to extend its effective, affordable model for reducing maternal and child deaths to Côte d'Ivoire


LGT VP’s non-programmatic funding will support Muso to launch service delivery to new sites across the country and reinforce its technical assistance to the Ivorian Ministry of Health.

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Muso was founded in 2005 in Bamako, Mali by a team of Malians and Americans who witnessed the country’s fragile health care system firsthand. Over the last 16 years, Muso has worked with its government partners to develop Proactive Care, a model focused on ultra-rapid delivery of health care, led by Community Health Workers (CHWs). Proactive Care is based on the simple premise that early access to health care can avert nearly all maternal and under-five child deaths. Muso trains, supervises and supports CHWs to identify patients through door-to-door visits, provide them with essential doorstep care and facilitate referrals to reinforced primary health centers without fees.

Today, the organization provides health services to 350,000 patients across ten sites and has grown its team to over 500 staff in Mali and Côte d’Ivoire. In addition to providing direct care at the community level, Muso also provides technical assistance to Ministries of Health as they scale national CHW programs; through this evidence-to-policy work they expect to impact up to four million people by 2023. Beyond the West Africa region, Muso advocates with global institutions to change global community health policy and practice.

Muso’s work is complementary to other organizations in LGT VP's health care portfolio such as Last Mile Health and mothers2mothers, all focused on different aspects of last mile health delivery through innovative community health care models. “Throughout our diligence we were humbled by Muso’s data-driven approach and commitment to working hand-in-hand with community members, health care workers, supervisors and local and national governments across the continent,” says Nava Anvari, Investment Manager at LGT VP and Muso deal lead. 

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