LGT Venture Philanthropy partners with South African early learning champion SmartStart


SmartStart is taking quality and affordable early learning opportunities to low-income communities and tens of thousands of children across South Africa.


LGT VP is excited to announce a new engagement to support Smart Start.

SmartStart's vision is to achieve population-level change in access to early learning by providing an integrated national delivery platform, which builds in the operational structures and systems for accelerated scale. Their innovative social franchise model enables them to harness the experience of their implementing partners (existing early childhood development service providers and NGOs), who license and support a network of early learning practitioners to deliver the same evidence-based programme for three to five-year-olds. The programme is supported by operational resources and play materials, licensing and quality assurance processes, and a network of ‘Clubs’ that provide peer support. 

SmartStart is not only ensuring that more children have the right foundations in place to succeed at school and beyond; they are also supporting skills development and micro-enterprise, enabling more women to work and stimulating economic activity in under-resourced communities.

LGT VP is committed to supporting innovative and scalable education service providers to strengthen community based early childhood development delivery is proud to partner with an organization committed to ensuring that every child, regardless of background, can benefit from early learning opportunities. 

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