LGT Venture Philanthropy provides a three-year follow-on investment to Financing Alliance for Health, a key partner in the effort to close the healthcare funding gap in sub-Saharan Africa


Financing Alliance for Health (FAH) is a non-governmental organization that partners with governments and leading multi-laterals to help unlock both domestic and international funding for community healthcare systems in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). 

FAH News

FAH’s importance as an intermediary actor in the community health financing ecosystem has grown sustantially, especially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While governments have been drafting more ambitious, costly community health strategies in the past years, funding has stagnated and declined as a result of the pandemic. This has amplified the role of FAH and rendered its mandate more urgent. 

LGT VP's health strategy is centered around providing universal access to quality healthcare in Africa and India. LGT VP supports healthcare operators in scaling low-cost, high-quality solutions, that can serve as inspirations for governments to design, improve and implement public primary healthcare solutions. Nava Anvari, Investment Manager at LGT VP, says: “We believe FAH is well positioned to contribute to both channeling top-down funding and providing bottom-up capacity building for community health programs to access funding for these programs. We have seen their unwavering commitment to this cause in our first year of funding and look forward to renewing this long-term partnership that seeks to build strong, integrated community health systems.”

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