LGT Venture Philanthropy renews its partnership with Last Mile Health and will support their pioneering work to institutionalize community health workers in remote communities across five African countries


LGT VP’s multi-year, non-programmatic funding will allow the organization to further strengthen and build out its organizational capabilities required to operate in multiple countries.


LGT VP’s partnership will also contribute to the establishment of Last Mile Health's (LMH) new global office in Accra, Ghana, which will ensure that LMH’s country teams have efficient access to a wide range of programmatic and operational services, as well as expand the organization’s global leadership footprint on the continent. By investing in LMH’s organizational backbone, LGT VP’s funding contributes to LMH’s goals to reach 17,000 community health workers (CHWs) in five countries by 2023, serving more than 2.5 million people each year.

In order to address a wide range of primary healthcare challenges on the African continent, LMH has developed multiple versions of their model. Working closely with government partners, LMH a) recruits, trains and supervises health workers, b) provides digitally empowered in-service CHW trainings, and c) strategically advises governments on their CHW policies. LMH also contributes to global advocacy efforts to amplify the power of well-functioning, community-based primary health systems.

Tom Kagerer, Partner and Healthcare lead at LGT VP, praises LMH's work: “Over the years, LMH has acquired a unique expertise and has developed an outstanding track record through their direct service delivery in the most remote communities in Liberia. Their ability to execute on the ground as well as to trustfully advise government attracted other African healthcare policymakers. Subsequently, LMH was invited by other African countries to strengthen their primary healthcare systems. LMH’s ability to demonstrate how to establish an inclusive, quality healthcare system at scale, and then export it internationally, is a testament to LGT VP’s partnership approach.”

Lisha McCormick, CEO of LMH, echoes this sentiment: “LGT VP is a partner in the truest sense of the word. Their deep expertise in the strategies that advance our critical path has facilitated remarkable programmatic impact. When we embarked on this partnership, Last Mile Health worked in only one country; today, we work in five, and LGT VP’s thoughtful guidance has been key to that growth. They are willing to listen and to dig into every opportunity and challenge, no matter how complex, and have steered us through these challenges into transformative progress. We’re thrilled to have LGT VP’s continued support as we move forward together.”

Find out more about LGT VP's health strategy and click here to read the full press release.

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