LGT VP partners with AMP Health to support and strengthen resilient health systems in Africa


AMP Health is a public-private partnership hosted by the Aspen Institute that works to build health systems and improve health outcomes by collaborating with governments to strengthen leadership and management capabilities. 


LGT VP is excited to announce a new engagement to support The Aspen Management Partnership for Health (AMP Health), with the aim to strengthen AMP Health's partnership with African governments to develop resilient health systems. 

AMP Health is committed to achieving the Astana Declaration on rimary Health Care of a "world where governments and societies prioritize, promote and protect people's health and well-being". To deliver upon the shared promise of Primary Health Care, Universal Health Coverage, and the health-related Sustainable Development Goals, major investments in the development and deployment of diagnostics, vaccines, and other technologies, need to be paired with increased investment in the people responsible for ensuring these tools reach every person who needs them. 

AMP Health works to improve health systems and outcomes by collaborating with governments to strengthen leadership and management capabilities through public-private partnership. 

AMP Health is currently partnered with seven Ministry of Health teams in four countries: Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone and Zambia, with near term plans for expansion to Togo. LGT VP will support AMP's ongoing work in Malawi and their ability to meet the growing demand for their support in new and existing geographies.

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