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Fundação Pró-Cerrado (FPC)

Fundação Pró-Cerrado provides vocational training and job placements for disadvantaged youth.


Investee Fundação Pró-Cerrado (FPC), founded 2004
Location Brazil
Sector Education
Funding period 2008-2011
Funding type Grant




In Brazil, 14 million children and adolescents live in families with incomes of less than USD 150 a month. There are approximately 5.5 million unemployed youth, accounting for over 43% of total unemployment. Brazil has the third largest number of minors working in domestic service (approximately 600’000), and more than three million children under the age of 14 engaged in labor-intense activities in the agricultural sector


FPC, founded in 1996, provides vocational training for disadvantaged youth and creates youth employment opportunities in Brazil. FPC seeks to help enforce the Brazilian “Apprentice Law”, which establishes that all corporations with a staff of 100+ employees must create apprentice positions for youth aged 14 to 24. FPC verifies that enterprises comply with all regulations, while also mediating between the corporation and the apprentices.

Impact depth

Since 1996, FPC trained more than 30’000 graduates with this program and impacted over 100´000 families. In 2008 FPC created a network of 20 organizations, which work with youth, to transfer the FPC methodology and thus expand its impact. Today, FPC apprentices work for more than 300 public and private corporations in ten different states of Brazil.

FPC is tackling youth unemployment, school drop-out, and criminality by making paid apprenticeship positions in the formal market available to disadvantaged youth.

FPC’s approach consists of five stages: (1) Creation of apprentice positions, (2) Selection of beneficiaries, (3) Introductory training, (4) Engagement and professional training, and (5) Monitoring and support

Impact Reach 2008 2009 2010 2011
Youth impacted p.a. 3'538 4'200 8'200 12'000