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Grassroots Innovation Company

Grassroots Innovation Company (GIC) organizes farmers into cooperatives and provides technical assistance, financing and market access assistance.


Investee Grassroots Innovation Company (GIC), founded 2009
Location Thailand
Sector Agriculture
Funding start 2012
Funding type Convertible loan




In Thailand, 51% of the total population of 69 million is involved in agriculture. Most of these farmers are small-scale private farmers. They represent the lowest quintile of income level in Thailand. Price fluctuations of imported agro input materials, bargaining power of large farming corporation, and poor farming techniques keep these farmers in a cycle of debt and dependence.


  • GIC seeks to help small-scale farmers in the poorest parts of Thailand by transforming their fields into sustainable organic farming enterprises, which will double their income while preserving the environment
  • GIC achieves this mission by creating community owned farming cooperatives, which encourage farmers to convert to organic farming and provide farmers with the knowledge and the tools such as low cost organic input materials to convert and maintain organic farms

Impact depth

GIC creates positive impact on two levels:

  • Farmers can reduce their cost of farming by up to 70% with GIC’s farming input materials
  • GIC’s improved farming techniques can yield 30% additional agricultural output

GIC contributes to:

  • Increase household income: Reduced cost and increased output for farmers; Secondary income from selling organic farming waste to GIC
  • Long term sustainability: Improving the health of the soil secures a stable long-term income from the land
  • Social cohesion: Reduced pressure to migrate for economic reasons, thus improving social cohesion
  • Improving living standard:  Improved income and know-how leads to more freedom of choice in terms of farm management as well as lifestyle
Impact Reach 2014 2015
# of total people impacted 10'000 10'000
# of farming households 2500 2500
# of tons of organic fertilizer sold 99 160
# of tons of organic fertilizer sold 4 4


By investing in GIC, we align with and contribute to eight of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.