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Mukatri preserves the Amazon rainforest by producing value-added products from ecologically harvested local fruits.


Investee Mukatri, founded 2006
Location Colombia
Sector Agriculture
Funding start 2014
Funding type Debt




The Amazon rainforest loses on average 12’302 square kilometers per year largely as a result of unsustainable commercial practices from farmers, who in order to make a living, clear forested lands for agriculture, cattle raising and illegal crops. The Caqueta region has suffered for decades from the Colombian armed conflict, fueling the poverty levels of 42.1%, amongst the highest in the country.


  • Mukatri buys ecologically harvested fruits (araza, cocona and copoazu) from subsistence farmers, to manufacture and commercialize sweets, cookies, sauces, and marmalades
  • By buying 100% of its fruits from certified farmers who commit to planting in agro-forestry schemes and to excluding illicit crops from their land, Mukatri is helping to protect Amazonian rainforest, which would otherwise be used for cattle raising or subsistence agriculture
  • Farmers benefit from selling the totality of their fruits to Mukatri, ensuring predictable sales and increasing their income by up to 40% - enough to exceed the national poverty line of USD 2/person/day

Impact depth

Over a hundred families are continuously providing fruit to Mukatri collectively protecting around 13’000 hectares of the Amazonian Piedmont, while having an average income increase of up to 40%.

Mukatri achieves:

  • Sustainable preservation of the environment: Mukatri reduces degradation of the rainforest by developing a profitable economic activity from native varieties harvested ecologically
  • Farmers income increase: Farmers committed to the agroforestry harvesting schemes benefit from a significant increase in income which can lead to improvement of their families’ living conditions
Impact Reach 2013 2014 2015 2016e
# of protected hectares 3'720 5'200 13'096 14'405
# of supplier families 62 93 102 165



By investing in Mukatri, we align with and contribute to five of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.