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Waterhope provides people in low-income communities, i.e. urban slums in the Philippines, with access to clean, affordable drinking water.


Investee Waterhope, founded 2006
Location Philippines
Sector Health
Funding period 2009-2010
Funding type Grant




  • At least 13 million people in the Philippines lack access to improved water sources, and every year, over 520’000 people suffer from diseases attributable to water pollution
  • Exposure to water pollution, and poor sanitation conditions and hygiene practices account for one-sixth of reported disease cases, totaling 3.2 million, and 6’000 premature deaths per year
  • 41% of Filipinos live on less than USD 2 per day, indicating the need for (a) affordable sources of clean water, and (b) sustainable livelihoods


  • Waterhope is a social enterprise that creates a centralized water purification and distribution hub within a community, where water is purified and then sold by community micro-entrepreneurs at half the price of commercial water purification stores
  • Waterhope not only provides access to clean water, but also creates opportunities for additional income for enterprising community members, as well as a community hub to empower and educate people

Impact depth

By the time LGTVP closed its engagement with Waterhope, the company had achieved the following impact:

  • In 2010 Waterhope had built two water stations in poor districts in Metro Manila, capable of servicing all the residents from these communities (~150’000)
  • At least 25 community members had become micro-entrepreneurs, earning as much as USD 70 additionally, per month
  • Waterhope aimed to establish six additional water stations in the Philippines, as well as four in other Asian countries