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Impact management at every step of the investment process

We invest philanthropic growth capital in social purpose organizations, and offer capacity building support to drive innovation and maximize the societal return of our portfolio.

  • Impact scope
  • Impact management
  • Impact partnerships

Billions of disadvantaged people lack access to affordable, high-quality essential goods and services as well as livelihood opportunities. LGT Venture Philanthropy aims to overcome this lack of access and opportunities by supporting social organizations and companies which provide disadvantaged people with essential goods, services and livelihood opportunities targeted at their needs and significantly improving their quality of life.

Impact scope in 2015

In 2015 our portfolio organizations have reached per sector:

Ca. 1 Million children and students benefit from better access to education (primary, secondary, vocational, tertiary) and improved learning outcomes.

Over 160’000 people have better access to quality healthcare services and health education.

More than 32’000 farmers and family members improve their livelihoods. Farmers have access to high-quality planting material, farm inputs, financing for such up-front investments, skills training and ultimately, access to selling into commodities markets.

Approximately 10’000 household members have access to affordable, fume-free, reliable electricity. By replacing traditional energy sources such as kerosene, households are able to significantly reduce their energy expenditure.

Impact indicators inform our work at every step of the long lasting partnership with our portfolio organizations. Our decisions and actions are driven by the goal to scale reach and depth of positive impact. We use proprietary tools and frameworks to evaluate and measure the social and environmental impact of prospective and current investments.

Impact management frameworks
Our team identifies and manages our portfolio organizations, and uses a standardized impact management framework to guide it through the full life-cycle of an engagement.

Impact at every step of the investment process
Impact analysis, measurement, and reporting is built into every step of our processes.


We work and succeed as partners, striving for a shared vision and mutual goals. To enhance the impact management capabilities of our team and portfolio organizations, we collaborate with partners such as the Grameen Foundation and J-PAL in order to gain insights into the drivers for positive impact creation. In addition, we collaborate with leading organizations in the sector to build impact management capacity within LGT Venture Philanthropy as well as our portfolio organizations.

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