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Work with best-in-class organizations in the field

Our Fellowship Program connects experienced professionals with year-long roles at leading organizations.

Fellows work with the management teams to build organizational capacity, share their knowledge and train local staff. They apply corporate expertise, promote critical operational expansion and drive vital organizational development. In this way they contribute significantly to scaling-up the companies’ impact. Fellows are therefore seen as a vital part of advancing our mission.

Role of Fellows

Fellows are seen as a vital part of advancing our mission. They take on distinct roles and responsibilities, commit to clear goals and report on the progress on a regular basis. They typically provide a professional capacity building service to increase the companies’ ability to grow their operations and scale their positive impact.

Fellows strengthen the capacity of organizations by


  • sharing their professional experience
  • improving, establishing or implementing systems, processes and tools that are transferable to permanent staff
  • apply private sector expertise
  • training and coaching local teams

Fellows are not meant to replace the need for permanent hires, hence succession planning plays a key role in ensuring sustainability of their work.

Enabling environment

Throughout and beyond their engagements, Fellows can take advantage from their embeddedness in a unique purpose-driven business setting of an established impact investor with global presence. They receive access to valuable contacts and networks, like-minded communities, inspiring entrepreneurs and last but not least the clients of our portfolio organizations at the very heart of our activities.

Towards the end of a fellowship year, we actively assist Fellows by providing them guidance for their next career move as well as by connecting them to our networks. This has helped many of our Fellowship alumni find a meaningful permanent role with a portfolio company, partner or related organization, or with LGT Venture Philanthropy and Lightrock directly.

Benefits for talents

During their engagements, Fellows undergo both personal and professional growth. They gain valuable hands-on experience in the field and further develop their business and leadership capacity whilst creating tangible positive impact with their professional skills. They distinguish themselves from peers competing in the job market after the fellowship program by being more aware of the problems and opportunities of people facing disadvantages in emerging countries. Inevitably, they become ambassadors for social and environmental change.

To ensure the optimal outcome of engagements, our team supports fellows with their knowhow, insights and experiences throughout their time in-the-field.

  • Acquire professional skills
  • Acquire personal skills

Your professional skills grow as you


  • work intensively with senior management in leading organizations
  • take on more responsibility in a smaller organization which improves holistic thinking and risk awareness
  • work with extremely limited resources including capital, infrastructure and less experienced staff
  • experience organizational cultures which tend to be more entrepreneurial, collaborative and dynamic
  • have to motivate people with non-financial returns

Your personal skills grow as you


  • broaden your horizon by leaving your comfort zone
  • are forced to cope with unexpected challenges and situations faced by young businesses
  • experience the powerful effect of creating positive impact by applying your skills
  • internalize the urgent need for more responsible ways of living and doing business in an increasingly globalized and unequal world
  • strengthen teamwork skills with people from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • gain a unique experience abroad, by making a new country your temporary home

Benefits for participating organizations

The Fellowship provides an efficient recruitment service to our portfolio companies to get fast access to missing talents. Once Fellows hit the ground running, they transfer their professional know-how (business development, finance, marketing, strategy, IT ...) into their host organizations.. The additional organizational capacity helps them to increase the positive impact by making solutions more effective and scalable.

"Geeta has had great private sector experience, something that is much needed in the development sector. She brought in great analytical skills, amazing people skills and opened some really difficult corporate doors for us. Had it not been for her grad school plans, we would have expanded her role at Educate Girls."

Maharshi Vaishnav, Senior Manager, Educate Girls, India